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Frequently Asked Questions

I have several sites which I gladly would like to register , is that possible?
Yes, in the site administration, you can registered up to 20 different sites.
I registered a site, however no credits were used, why not?
The site must be examined by us, only then, if the rules aren't broken, and the activating Button is clicked, the site will be shown and credits used.
Where do I find my Referral link?
You find the link within your login page under the menu option "referal".
How long does activating my site take?
We activate, normally, two times per day. Sometimes, when we have other very important things to do, to have activation retarded. This does not happen very frequently, however it can. We work under high pressure to make this service as smooth and comfortable as possible.

What do I do if I see a site that offends against these rules?
Then please tell us! Report the site over the View bar.
Why should I recruit other members?
If you recruit a new member and they run our View bar 1 hour, that gets you 18 visitors from us free of charge! If you recruit 10 people which do the same, that gives you 180 visitors per hour!
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